Once again I’m back with a new article after a bit of a sabbatical and after the success seen by many from the original top 10 ones to watch it is now time to focus on the next 10 to watch. Again much like the previous article it is hard with such a pool of talent around the scene right now to pick just 10 however these are in my opinion the ones to keep an eye on.

Have to also make an honourable mention for this list and that goes to 2002 Spud, the kid helps out at the shows with the ring and like all good wrestlers knows takes his gear with him and gets a booking. With his desire to wrestle for NWA:TNA or in the Ring Of Honor Scramble matches this kid is going to make it big, keep an eye on him.

10: Millie McKenzie

Credit: The Ringside Perspective

At the young age of 17, Millie has been wrestling for over a year now around the Midlands at a variety of shows before beginning to train at Fight Club: Pro; and it is that training which has helped her to better her performances. With training at such a reputable school and for a well known promotion in the West Midlands this will only help Millie to become more recognised as she begins to wrestle more on their shows.

Most recently she debuted at Fight Club: Pro on their Stranger Than Fixxion show going up against the Mae Young Classic competitor, Kay Lee Ray. For someone who is only 17, Millie has now got a chance to continue to develop and at Fight Club: Pro to continue to face some of the best competition from around the world and the UK; and with this I can only see Millie McKenzie making waves by the end of the year.

09: Kreiger


Yet another wrestler coming out of a respected training school, Kreiger has honed his craft at the Premier British Wrestling Academy. Teaming with Lou King Sharp in PBW they both have gone on to hold the PBW Tag Team Championships. But more recently with the aforementioned Lou King Sharp, both men have been teaming up with Kid Fite in Insane Championship Wrestling.

With the exposure of the Insane Championship Wrestling audience, Kreiger can only continue to develop his character and continue to wrestle against some of the top talent that the scene has to offer. The next step I see for Kreiger to add to his name is to hold a singles championship in either Premier British Wrestling, British Championship Wrestling or Insane Championship Wrestling, to show that he isn’t just a tag team wrestler.


08: Big Grizzly


Big Grizzly is a angry bearded behemoth from South Wales. Standing at 6 foot 6 inches and weighing in at 315 pounds you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Big Grizzly. Having trained under, “Flying” Mike Bird at the Dragon Pro Wrestling Academy, Big Grizzly started wrestling in 2012 for Dragon Pro, Welsh Wrestling to name just a few promotions.

However more recently he has began to venture further afield and wrestle for varied promotions such as Southside Wrestling where he is part of GBH (Guilty By Habit) alongside “Number One” Damian Dunne, Robbie X and “Superbad” Kip Sabin and more recently having debuted at Kamikaze Pro going up against Jigsaw and Clint Margera for the Kamikaze Pro Championship.

While Big Grizzly isn’t a stranger to wrestling international names; having already wrestled the likes of Rhyno, Johnny Gargano, David Starr & Magnus to name a few. He is beginning to become booked more outside of Wales and more around the UK. With that in mind, by the end of 2017 I can see a promotion putting their main championship on Big Grizzly and seeing his stock rise.

07: Jayla Dark

Credit: David J Wilson

The former Bete Noire, has redefined herself as Jayla Dark, who by her own description is a “One Woman Girl Gang”. Having been trained at the Source Wrestling School up in Scotland by Killian Dain/Big Damo & Mikey Whiplash. She has wrestled for multiple women’s wrestling organisations such as Pro Wrestling: EVE, Empress Pro to name a few as well as ICE Ribbon and REINA in Japan.

The only next logical step for Jayla Dark is her chance to be seen by more eyes which could happen if she turned up in WCPW and changed their women’s division around. But also Jayla Dark could also by part of the SHIMMER/SHINE roster as it is known for them to use British talent on their shows. Overall I can see the end of 2017 being a breakout time for Jayla Dark with more chance to showcase the “One Woman Girl Gang” to a wider audience.

06: Visage

Credit: Y2Grae Photography

Known as “The Supermodel Of The World” Visage is quite an eccentric character in a world made for eccentric characters. Just last year Visage started his career with both House of Pain and LCW’s “developmental” shows Elevation. From then on he has gone on from strength to strength in development of his character and earlier on this year at Leicester Championship Wrestling he had the chance to wrestle against Jigsaw.

With wrestling being the home to the most flamboyant characters by the end of the year I expect more people to be booking Visage up and down the county adding something a little bit different to their shows.

05: Drake


HT Drake, or as he is known in WCPW, Drake tends to wrestle more frequently in the northern half of England. However with the exposure he already has with Whatculture Pro Wrestling many fans from around the globe have already seen this man wrestle and he doesn’t disappoint.

On the WCPW roster bio for Drake they mention how he is one of the hottest “Prospects” and that he is a man who refuses. What they mean by that is his refusal to wait for the bell to launch an attack on his opponents. The only logical thing I can see happening by the end of the year for Drake is him receiving more bookings around the UK at other promotions such as LCW, HOPE, Southside, etc; while also being given the chance to run with the ball as a champion on WCPW or in a promotion where he’d be making his debut.

04: The Elliott Jordan Experience

Credit: Marc Lungley

Having trained around the Midlands at various schools including The Kamikaze Pro Dojo and with The Hunter Brothers. The Elliott Jordan Experience quite recently became the NBWA Cruiserweight Champion, wrestled Jack Starz at a Kamikaze Pro Live! show and has also been to Poland to wrestle for the Kombat Pro Wrestling Championship.

But for Elliott the next step is wrestling more frequently, getting his chance against the more experienced names such as El Ligero, Joseph Connors, Joel Redman to name a few and those international names such as David Starr, Jigsaw, Tristan Archer, etc. While also proving himself in newer promotions such as Southside, IPW:UK, Lucha Forever and more!

03: Lady Catherine Darcy

Credit: Tony Knox

The once former chav known has Chardonnay has now been to etiquette school and has become, Lady Catherine Darcy. The gimmick change is a total u-turn of being two polar opposite characters, one that would have constantly used the term “whatever” to one that is more eloquently spoken and should be respected.

As she looks set to travel to Japan next month, Lady Darcy has been showcasing to promotions why she should be their leading lady. By the end of 2017 I expect to see that a promotion has put their women’s championship on Lady Darcy or that an all female promotion also feature her in a leading role. 2017 could just be that breakout year for Lady Catherine Darcy.

02: Ricky Knight Jr


When your aunt is WWE Diva, Paige, your dad & uncle are The UK Hooligans and you are the grandson to Ricky & Saraya Knight, you know you are in just the right family to make it in the business. Ricky Knight Jr is another one who is only 17 years old and has at his young age set the business alight.

Making his debut more recently for Southside Wrestling, HOPE Wrestling and PCW Wrestling, the UK has already now got a taste of Ricky Knight Jr and just what he can bring to the table. He already has championship wins to his name and if not captured by one of the American companies soon, I expect a company like Whatculture to be looking at Ricky Knight Jr as someone to bring in given that their roster seems to have the best talent on the cards.

01: Elijah Dahl


Having been trained at the Dragon Pro Wrestling Academy, Elijah has begun to turn heads with his style of wrestling and the fact he doesn’t care about gimmicks, looking set to remove people of their gimmicks and restore the passion of pro wrestling. With Elijah being on both Dragon Pro Wrestling shows and Attack Pro Wrestling shows by the end of the year he will potentially be turning heads at shows such as Fight Club: Pro, Kamikaze Pro and going further afield, PROGRESS & Insane Championship Wrestling.

However by the end of the year I do expect that Elijah will be wrestling more around the country and showcasing his passion which will lead to companies wanting to put championships on him and against the top international talent that want to come to the UK to wrestle the best we have to offer.

Note: All views expressed on this page are of the author. The views may not represent those of the British Wrestling community; but this is just a small project to try and help with the platform of promoting talent and the work that they continually love to do. If you have any disagreements with the views expressed, please feel free to email me at karlarobinson92@gmail.com


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